Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girly Get Togethers

There is some fun stuff for me going on this week. Thank goodness too, because I've been needing some fun and relaxation with the girls. Tuesday night I went to the 50th birthday party of a our good family friend, Susan. We had some yummy healthy snacks, played a couple games and exchanged favorite baskets (with a duplicate basket for the birthday girl, of course). I picked different items this time to represent some more of my favorite things.

  1. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This is one of my favorite books. It a fun, easy read and yet it also has a lot of poignancy.

  2. Tide Pen. I love these! I try to always have one in my purse/diaper bag. I am quite the clumsy klutz, and this little miracle pen has saved numerous items of clothing.

  3. Sobe Lifewater. Greg has gotten me hooked on these. I have always been a water person, and don't even really like soda pop. But put one of these babies in front of me and I can chug it in seconds. I also enjoy Vitamin Waters and Gatorade Rains.

  4. Big necklace. I like jewelry that makes a statement, big and gaudy some might even say. What's the point of accessorizing if other's don't notice it right?

  5. Homemade cards. Everyone knows I love to scrapbook, and so handcrafted cards are right up my alley. I don't remember the last time I gave someone a store bought card.

  6. My favorite recipes. These were the only repeat from the last time I participated in a favorite things exchange. I would have included a sample of one of the desserts listed, but Susan is on a diet and I didn't want to tempt her too much.

I love these parties! I could seriously do one every month.

Today I am attending a paper crafting swap hosted by a good friend I met during my working days at Scrapbook Heaven. I made a card to exchange this particular month (the front and inside of that said card are pictured here). It's been a while since I made a shaker box; I had forgotten how cute they are. We will also be doing a make and take at the get together this afternoon. What exciting times for me!


Barb said...

I so miss the monthly CTMH sessions that you used to have. I haven't made cards for sometime, (just seem to be too busy). Guess I need to drag out the paper and stamps. Thanks for sharing, love your work.

Rie Pie said...

Beautiful card!! I loved your bag too. That necklace was awesome

Lera said...

I miss the CTMH get togethers too Barbara!

And Rie, I also really liked the necklace, but I was wondering if it was just me since others were saying it looked like celery! Your bag was awesome as well.