Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fifteen Month Old Puts Truckers to Shame

On to sweeter subjects in regards to our blog posts. Well, perhaps not so much sweeter, but funnier for sure. Our innocent little boy has turned into a potty mouth. For quite sometime now, Palmer's favorite saying has been, "What's that?" And after about the fifth or six time of replying, "It's a light... It's a light... It's a light," we've opted to reply with the question, "What is it?" This requisition has been made many a times in attempts to help Palmer learn to respond with a new word and drop the relentless interrogation. Unfortunately, instead of Palmer learning to respond with the answer to "What is it?" he has begun to simply repeat the saying. This wouldn't be so bad, only his diction is that of a young child being constricted and garbled, leaving us with a very certain, confidently pronounced, "S***!" Sometimes for added emphasis he even lets out a big "Oh..." before the not so nice word, which I'm sure leads everyone to believe he is simply repeating a saying he hears often from his own parents. Imagine our humiliation when he proclaimed his new saying in the middle of the sacrament at church a couple Sundays ago!

I can not help but wonder what he will come up with when he enters the "Why?" stage.


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I love the title!! Love the baby!!