Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catch Up

Due to the fact that I've been picking up more shifts at work (since we soon will not only be missing Greg's income, but mine as well with a newborn and a c-section) and the fact that I am super pregnant, and therefore very lazy, I'm a little behind on blogging. It's time to play catch up.

The Proposal. Two weekends ago Greg and I hired a babysitter for the third time since Palmer was born and went out to a movie. We saw The Proposal, and I'm not sure if it was because we really needed a night out together, we were kid free, and watching an adult movie, but we both thought the film was phenomenal, absolutely hilarious! It was a very fun night that was over far too quickly. As a bonus, the young women in our ward are amazing babysitters! I came home to a very happy baby who our sitter was on the floor playing with and a sink clean kitchen sink since she had even washed the dishes they had used for dinner. Wow, what service!

The Yard. Our backyard is still a jungle, but not from lack of effort. We have been making slow progress on it but progress nonetheless. Greg is working four ten hour shifts at work until the layoff, and has had Monday free to work on the yard. We borrowed a neighbor's trailer and have just about piled it full of dead trees, overgrown bushes and human sized weeds. This entire load only constitutes a teeny tiny corner we have reclaimed, about 1/15 of the area we need to tackle.

Palmer is on the move at church. Not that he is per say bad at church, but he is definitely a handful! He is wild child and runs and climbs all over the place. He is loud and very distracting from the talks and lessons. Of course through all this he is also very charming, silly, and funny, so we can't even get completely annoyed about it. I just hope our ward doesn't ban us from coming until he gets into nursery. The new baby will be coming a month before Palmer is in nursery, and I'm thinking we might just wait to come back after that. Two babes not in nursery seems a little too much to handle right now.

FHE with Grandma Nancy. Greg's mom's birthday is today, so last night we brought her a present and took her to Cabela's with us for family home evening. I've taken Palmer there once before, but he much more enjoyed the sights (and Grandma) this time. We looked through the aquarium, at all the animals, took in a few games at the shooting range, feed the fish, and of course took home some very yummy gourmet fudge. It was almost like a free trip to the zoo, or more acurately, a zoo with very still, calm animals.


zanobo said...

I went to see "The Proposal" with my sister and we were laughing throughout the entire movie. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time and it felt really great!

Tiffany said...

I went and saw "The Proposal" with my mom, and then went AGAIN and saw it with Jay for our Anniversary. LOVED IT!!! It will definitely be one that I want for my movie library. :)