Sunday, June 14, 2009

Park Play

Palmer loves to go on outings. He is getting to the age where he can recognize when the outing is centered around him, as apposed to running errands with mom. He is just so fun to take out that we find ourselves doing family activities that he especially enjoys more and more often. His favorites are walks in his wagon, swimming and the playing at the park. About once a week we go to the park as a family and let him climb and crawl around. He always has the biggest smile on his face when playing at the park. Of course, each trip ends with a scrub in the bathtub to remove all the sand and dirt from the evening's excursion. Oh the simple joys of childhood! I treasure these moments while I can, because unfortunately, sooner or later, I suspect that a trip to the local park probably won't seem so exciting to my son.


*Marie* said...

Reading this makes me even more excited for Selo and I to have kids.

Lissa and Cory said...

Palmer is so darn cute. You guys are such a cute family.