Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Mend & Losing My Mind

Palmer had another rough night, but woke up feeling much better. Thank goodness! He is still coughing, and needs to be on medicine for the pain round the clock, but his sweet happy disposition is starting to show again. What a relief.

Another bad moment for this week, I missed a shift at work today. I had called all my coworkers and finally got someone to cover Wednesday night's shift. Then this morning I misread my calendar and was under the assumption that I worked Friday. Nope. My sister-in-law called me when she got into work and asked why I never showed up. Yikes! Skipping a shift without at least calling in is grounds for firing. I called my boss in a panic and explained everything. Thankfully she was very understanding and said it would be okay. This also means though that my paycheck is going to be minimal, not the best situation after are medical expenses this week. I feel like such a ditz. I don't know if it's the pregnancy brain, or lack of sleep, or me just being an idiot, but I seem to be messing up quite a bit lately.


Lisa said...

Oh my sweet friend. I know you are mortified but try not to be too hard on yourself. You have had a crazy week and you have so much going on. I have slipped on a few things this week as well, just to much to keep track of. You are awesome and just fine. Hang in there. I hope Palmer is getting better and you will not be pregos for ever.
lots of love and hugs but at a distance, swine flu ya know, ha ha

*Marie* said...

So glad to hear Palmer is doing better. And I'm glad your boss was so understanding. It's probably all the things you listed that contributed. But it sounds like things will turn out alright.