Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Your Face

This video was also taken to demonstrate Palmer's baby talk, but since he didn't babble as much in it, I had decided to go with the other video. After showing this clip to Greg, he said it was too funny and to post it anyway. Palmer does actually say, "Yeah," in this one. And, as a bonus, he totally shows his personality, which is too cute to pass up. He is very personable and very friendly, somewhat in your face. You'll see what I mean. (Sorry about the shaky camera work; he pretty much was climbing on top of me while I was filming.)


Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

He is just too cute!

Lissa and Cory said...

How cute!

*Marie* said...

He's a moving and shaker for sure. And that toungue! lol