Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Trails

Well, the trail isn't so happy for us, but we are happy for them. Our dear friends, the Stewarts, are moving to Washington D.C. this week, and we are so very sad to see them go. They have been wonderful friends and have made our lives so much fun. We will think of them often: whenever we hear an inappropriate joke, an uncensored comment, and pretty much every Friday and/or Saturday night when we are sitting at home instead of hanging out with one of our favorite couples. Last night we got together for dinner with the Stewarts and some ward friends as a last hurrah. It definitely was bittersweet. We know this move will be good for them, and so we will try to be good supportive friends, but deep down we are selfishly dismayed.

So to the Stewarts we say, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again," which hopefully will be soon during your many visits back to the 'hood, and next spring when we plan to vacation with you in D.C.). We love you guys and wish you all the success possible in your upcoming adventures!

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