Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Good the Bad and the Oh So Ugly

Ten things I am thankful for this week:
  1. My kind husband who gets up every morning with Palmer and feeds him while I am sick.
  2. We are following a new financial plan (Dave Ramsey) that is helping us get on top of our finances and out of debt.
  3. I love our ward! The members provide us with a wonderful support system.
  4. Our next door neighbor Mario mowed our lawn without a word, giving Greg more time to work in the backyard.
  5. My family provided us with far too much food for Palmer's birthday and so I didn't have to cook for a few days (just don't offer me any more pasta salad or I might lose it).
  6. Palmer is out of his clingy phase and I am once again reminded what a fun and happy child he is.
  7. The opportunity I have to be with my mom again in the next life.
  8. Greg's job appears to be more secure and my brother-in-law, who had been looking for work for months, was offered a good paying full-time position.
  9. I finally have the date for the ultrasound (May 27th) and will be able to find out the sex our itty-bitty baby. Also, my boss just hired a bunch of new employees so I was able to get one of them to cover my shift for that said day.
  10. The sitcom Friends, which has entertained my burnt out mind and tired body at the end of the each day with it's silly humor and unrealistic story lines.

Five things I am not so thankful for, but that I will deal with:

  1. I am already starting to show at only three months into my pregnancy (last time I made it to five months). Yikes! This is especially bad timing because I am supposed to be in a wedding at the end of this month and my dress is not a maternity dress.
  2. The kid who threw up at work today.
  3. Pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I am excited about the baby, just not actually being pregnant. I am not one of those women who "glow." Instead I groan, sweat, puke, swell and then fall asleep halfway through the day.
  4. I have looked through the whole month's schedule and I can't find a time for Greg and I to go on a date. As an extra yucky to this, we won't be seeing the new X-Men movie that everyone else is watching and raving about.
  5. Our jungle of a backyard and the insurmountable task we have of cleaning it up (especially in time for a garden). This is hopefully a before picture. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; this is not the Amazon, it is actually our backyard in all it's weediness, overgrown bushes, dead fallen tree, horrifying glory.

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Rie Pie said...

Seriously, the pasta salad is growing. I would be happy to help you with your back yard!! Just let me know when and I'll show up with a smile and some sunsreen.
ps. Your friend brian and hubby greg are nuts. lol