Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Fairy Tale Wedding

the happy couple

Greg's sister Emily was married yesterday. We are so excited for her and her new husband Aaron. He is such a sweet guy and treats her and her children so wonderfully. They make a lovely family!

the newly joined family

Emily asked me to be a bridesmaid, so I also spent the morning getting my hair done (by my sister Sariah who, along with a cosmetology friend, did the bride's as well as the entire line's hair) decking myself in diamond jewelry, a tiara, clear soled high heeled shoes and a satin sage green dress.

the beautiful bride

a close up of the Sariah's work of art

My other sister London was also very involved in the day; she was the wedding planner. The theme for the reception was fairy tales really do come true. She did such an amazing job! It was gorgeous. Every inch of the place was detailed with glass slippers, castles, carriages, fairy tales stories and even a frog prince atop a small fountain (and the majority of the decorations were handmade)! I truly have such talented sisters.

London's creative vision and hard work

It was a long day, consisting of the actual wedding ceremony, a line and a luncheon, setting-up, another line and a reception and cleaning up. We were going from morning until night. Palmer had a short nap in the morning and went the rest of the day without a wink of sleep. Amazingly enough, he did wonderfully. Needless to say we are all exhausted today! Actually, I think I might have been even more exhausted than I was by the end of my own wedding day. It was a wonderful occasion though, worth the aches of feet crammed into three inch stilettos and the lack of sleep.

the Hess family, happy and tired at the end of the day

We are so very thrilled for Emily and Aaron to be able to start their happily ever after.


Adrienne said...

It looks beautiful, and your hair is AWESOME! You've always had the best hair. I want to see a picture of you in the dress and heels!

zanobo said...

I would also love to see a picture of you! The reception looks so beautiful...London is so very talented.

Lera said...

Crazy as it is, we actually didn't get a picture of me. I added a few pictures to the post, the one of our family was taken by my sister. I am also realizing that we need a new camera, as I compare the quality of the pictures from my camera to everyone else's (most posted are from other people's, just because most of ours didn't even turn out).

Rie Pie said...

It was a very pretty wedding. We Nichols girls kick trash!! We are like Charlie's Angels, but with crafts...