Thursday, April 30, 2009

Worry Wart

Hello, my name is Lera, and I am a worrier. I will fully admit to spending many needless hours grinding my teeth and biting my finger nails over extremely unlikely situations. Greg, on the other hand, doesn't worry about anything. Even if his previous commitment (as in knew about it for months) is not only present but slightly late and he hasn't started to even think about it. Hence, this is why I took on the task of writing many of Greg's school reports during our engagement at 11:00 at night while he lounged yawning on the couch. And why I still lay awake after he hits the snooze in the mornings to make sure he will actually get up for work... and why he falls asleep again without worry because he knows I will wake him up when needed. Seriously, I not only have to worry about my life, and my dependant child's, but my husband's as well. (I do also worry about my other family members and friends too, so probably worry about Greg is more of my issue and not entirely his fault.)

Here is what is worrying me this week.
  • Greg's job security, and how we will support ourselves if he were to lose his job.
  • The swine flu. (This one is not totally paranoid. My boss just returned from one of the infected places in Mexico.)
  • Getting out of debt and becoming self sufficent.
  • How often I have to eat with this pregnancy and the likelihood that I will gain a billion pounds by the time I am to deliver.
  • Throwing up in public.
  • How we will ever get our backyard ready for a garden in time for planting season.
  • Finding the time to get caught up on my house cleaning.
  • And yes, due to a nightmare last night, zombies.
Well there you have it. A peek into my paranoid brain. Why, oh why, can't I just turn it off and worry about things as they come? I'm not entirely sure if it's because I am a woman, a mother or if I am just an anxious worry wart. The answer is probably all of the above.


Rie Pie said...
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Rie Pie said...

I think that I have nightmares more than the average person. The two main ones is where I am drowning or zombies are attacking and I can't save someone from them. Wierd.

As for wedgies motivation problems I think self soothing is a great way to learn. (Even though being on my own using self soothing doesn't really work for me. lol)

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

If you guys need any help with your backyard/garden, give us a call (or holler over the fence)and we'd be happy to help with anything we can. We'll help you get ready for planting :)

*Marie* said...

I know your pain. And unfortunately, I know your stress on the job thing. I hate the idea of Selo losing his job, even though he tells me all the time I am simply being paranoid. But still, I stress out about it. Maybe we should plan a night out for the four (or five) of us. It would probably help us wives to destress a little.