Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lessons I'm Currently Trying to Teach My One Year Old

  1. Just because it fits in your mouth does not mean it's food. This especially applies to batteries.
  2. Mommy is not a jungle gym.
  3. It really is a good thing that you don't accompany mom to the restroom when she needs to go potty.
  4. When you climb off something, you will fall and get hurt.
  5. Don't put your finger up Daddy's nose. It's gross, not funny.
  6. If you don't wiggle around and throw a tantrum, it won't take so long to wipe your face/change your diaper.
  7. Your milk can remain on your tray even if you don't want to drink it this moment. You will want it again after a few bites, so don't throw it on the floor.
  8. I promise I will never leave you in the car, so there is no need to get upset when takes me more than a few seconds to get you out of the car seat after turning off the engine.
  9. Keep your socks/shoes on, and please don't chew on the soles your shoes, or the soles of other people's shoes.
  10. It's time to learn to walk on your own, because you are only getting heavier and I am only getting bigger. And with you, the getting-fuller-by-the-day diaper bag and my growing belly, something has to give.


Rie Pie said...

11. Auntie Rie is the favorite auntie. lol.

*Marie* said...

lol Great lessons. How's the progress?

Stoney said...

Batteries are still a problem with Jackson. What is the big deal with batteries. It freaks me out! There are so many that I see in my boys too. I just sit here and laugh.. the jungle gym, the family outing to the bathroom, climbing-except now ours is jumping off things or you will get hurt. I love this post!