Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was pretty laid back this year. We attended church and had dinner with the Nichols Family. We celebrated Easter with the Hess family last Sunday. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, deviled eggs and I made grape salad. London provided homemade chocolates (personalized marshmallow eggs and peanut butter cups) and a lovely strawberry dessert. Pappy and Betty gave all of the grandchildren a bag of Easter toys and candy. Palmer especially loved the plastic eggs. We gave Palmer a bubble fan for Easter, which he was thoroughly enthralled with. He even cried when it was time to put it away. I love celebrating the holidays, and Easter is no exception. I do have to admit though, after two family dinners, as well as our own little family dinner all consisting of ham and some sort of cheesy potato dish, I think I'm ready to move on to some new foods such as summer barbecues and cool crisp watermelon.

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*Marie* said...

The personal chocolates are amazing. Does she hire out her services? lol
I agree that it's time for summer things. I'm ready for flip-flops and warm summer sun.