Friday, March 13, 2009

Ten Things I've Realized this Week

  1. I am inept at painting my toenails.
  2. I don't know if I can handle another baby right now.
  3. We desperately need to go grocery shopping; I don't even have crackers to help with the morning sickness.
  4. I have a very sweet and thoughtful husband who saves me from constantly stressing myself out.
  5. Weaning is hard work.
  6. It's not just me that thinks my baby has a lot of energy and is very wiggly.
  7. My friends are great fun.
  8. Usual characteristics of myself disappear when I am pregnant: homemaking skills (cleaning and cooking), being social, the desire to leave the house, doing my hair, pretty much motivation of any sort.
  9. I am extremely proud of my big sister and her decision to take out her endowments.
  10. Palmer really, really, truly loves me.


Lisa said...

OK, so sounds like I need to come over and bring you crackers and paint your toenails. Is it London that is taking out her endowments? You are going to be great. We are all here for you. I am so glad you shared these thoughts. Just do the best you can and everything else will fall into place. Be the "good enough" mom, not the super mom.
You are pregnant and have a baby, that has got to be extremely difficult. Just give yourself a break.
You are awesome and I love you

Lera said...

Yeah, it is London who is taking out her endowments. Isn't that awesome?!

Thanks for the words of encouragement, you are such a good friend! Love you too!

Haley Greer said...

I think you're right. You CAN'T handle another baby.

That's why I think you should surrender Palmer over to me. :)

I was telling Andrea last night (who is now my roommate) that I'm going to forget about dating and just wait for Palmer to get old enough to marry me. She informed me that she already has a prior claim. It broke my heart.

Lera said...

Haley, you are so sweet! What a cute comment.

That's great that you and Andrea are roommates. What fun!