Friday, March 27, 2009

London's Temple Day

Yesterday I had the opportunity to escort my older sister London to the temple for her first time. We had a difficult time getting there, and I told her to expect that everytime she goes. For some reason, whenever we plan to go to the temple all things collide to keep us from attending. This time, Palmer broke out with a fever of 103-104 the day before. We took him to instacare that night and found out he has some nasty baby virus, and we were told there was nothing we could do and just try to watch the fevers. Thankfully, he was fine while we were in the temple. Greg had a dentist appointment that was mischeduled for a time that would have overlapped when he needed to leave, but after begging the receptionist, I was able to move it earlier in the day. Then Greg got hung up at a blood drive and didn't make it home to take Palmer when I needed to leave. London and I had to drop the baby off at the blood drive with a fellow ward member until Greg was done. We already had a late start, and then took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong freeway. We found our way back and made it through the temple door just a couple minutes after we were told to be there. It turned out there was a mistake at the office of the temple and London had been told the wrong time, and we were actually 40 minutes late. Thanks to some considerate and fast working temple workers, we still made it to the correct session.

Being in the temple with my sister was a wonderful experience! I am so proud of her choice to progress in the gospel. It was not an easy one for her since she had wanted to do so with her spouse, but she knew she was ready and knew it was her time now. I was an emotional mess and was crying all evening. I love her so much and am so happy to see her righteous choices! She had a great support system there, 25 family member and friends, who showed up to encourage her and be with her on her special day. In the temple I didn't feel nauseated at all, amazingly enough. Afterwards, the majority of the group went to the Madarin for dinner. My brother-in-law Monte and my little sister (who has not yet gone through the temple) meet us there with Palmer. I did throw up all of the dinner once I got home, but at least I wasn't sick through the important part, and for that I am very thankful!

Congratulations London! We all love you so!


Tiffany said...

Congrats to London. I'm glad you were able to be there with her; even if it did take the extra effort to get there.

Lisa said...

Way to go London. I am so thrilled for you. What a huge choice to make. I am so glad you were able to be there with her Lera. What a wonderful example you are. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

*Marie* said...

Good for London, and what an honor for you to be there with her. I'm glad for both of you.

I hope Palmer gets better soon. That must be very scary for you.