Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Boy

This picture was taken last night at our family dinner. Palmer is sitting on his auntie Rie's lap watching his cousin Trevor play with toys and jump around. He was letting out the heartiest laughs I had ever heard! Palmer is finally done with his antibiotics and over his ear infections, and yesterday we discovered three more teeth have popped out of his gums (now he has five!). These turn of events have resulted in one very happy boy! When going through the rough sick and teething stages, I forget just how easy and contented he usually is. It is always a welcome change when he returns to his usual disposition. The last two days he has missed one of his two naps, and been toted around everywhere. Amazingly enough, he's still been one happy go lucky kid. We really are so blessed to have such a good natured little boy.

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