Thursday, March 5, 2009

Growth Spurt Madness

Monday and Tuesday night, Palmer was upset! He was screaming and crying, and nothing I did consoled him at all. Monday, I was finally able to nurse him to sleep. Tuesday the drama started even earlier in the evening. After trying everything else, I decided to see if he was hungry again. That did the trick! Only an hour after nursing and his regular dinner, he ate a second dinner and downed an extra bottle of formula. What a difference a second dinner makes! After that he was his happy, contented usual self. Last night we prepared early and made twice the amount of food for his dinner. Amazingly enough, he downed it all. Just to give you an idea of the massive amount of food he ate, I don't think I even could have eaten as much. He is chunking up a bit. It's so cute to see the rolls developing on his thighs. Greg says he's totally lost all signs of having wrists and ankles. Palmer is usually so skinny; we can't help but pinch and giggle at his baby chubs during the rare instances in which they appear.

Here are some pictures of Greg putting Palmer to sleep Tuesday night, after he finally filled up. We thought the pajamas he was wearing that night were quite appropriate: feed me or nobody sleeps!

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Lissa and Cory said...

Goodness he is so cute. Its ok for him to eat. We all love food!!