Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Friends and Good Food

We had a great weekend spending time with our friends. We also had dinner taken care of for us a total of four times; what a treat it was!

Work friends. Greg invited his work buddy, now his boss with his new position, and his wife over for dinner and games on Thursday night. Since we provided the dinner the last time they offered to bring pizza. They brought stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut, which was so good. I made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We played a couple board games and then Guitar Hero.

Sisterly Friend. Sariah took us out to dinner at Archibalds in Gardener Village Friday night to celebrate Greg's promotion. She is always so thoughtful and generous. This was our first dinner experience there. We tried some fried green tomatoes, which surprisingly, I loved. Our main courses were also delicious! We definitely will have to return sometime.

High School Friends. Two of my high school buddies (Jenn and Lissa) and their families, as well as my sister Sariah, came to visit with us on Saturday. It's always great catching up with them. Lissa brought lasagna and salad for all of us. We ate and chatted and then played some games and ended the night with a Rock Band tutorial and jamming session. There's nothing like reconnecting with old friends! I hope we do it again soon.

Ward Friends. Greg and I love our ward family! I spent Saturday morning with my ward girlfriends at an amazing workshop on prevented emotional burnout given by Julie de Azevedo. It was such an uplifting event, and I loved sharing it with my dear pals. Also this weekend, one of our favorite couples, the Stewarts, had us over for a delicious meal of homemade bread and manicotti. It was so good! I am so impressed with Erin's budding domestic skills; she is becoming one hardcore homemaker. We absolutely love the Stewarts; they provide our lives with so much fun!

Looks like I owe quite a few meals to all of our friends! Let me know when you want to cash in.

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