Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines Tag

This is actually a tag from Facebook, but I thought I'd post it here instead so all could see. I absolutely love Valentines Day. After Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. I even loved the holiday when I was single, but now that I have my sweetheart it is even better.

1. How long have you been married? four years
2. When did you first meet? May 2004
3. How long did you date? seven months
4. Before He/you asked the big question? four months
5. Where and how did you/he ask the big question? he asked on a picnic in the canyons, a reenactment of the date we went on when I first realized I was falling for him
6. What were you wearing? both of us had on baby blue t-shirts, I know this because we took pictures of us that evening
7. Were you surprised? totally, we had not even discussed it
8. Did you answer right away? yes, but he didn't hear me say yes and asked me for a confirmation on the drive home as I was wearing the ring
9. Where did you get married? the Bountiful Temple
10. What were your colors in your wedding? baby blue and lavender
11. How many guests came? too many to count
12. Were you nervous, happy, excited? very very happy
13. Did you have kids before getting married? no
14. Did you pick the engagement ring or did he/you? he picked it out (with his mother) and surprised me with it, just as I always imagined it would be
15. What do you do to keep your marriage alive? spend time together in (bow-chicka-wow-wow) and out of the home, but most of all be kind and thoughtful to one another
16. What do you do to show the special love of your life that you care? tell him I love him and give him lots of hugs and kisses
17. One thing that totally turns you on about your spouse? everything, he's hot!
18. Something that drives you batty? he makes me nag him
19. What do you want to do for them this year for Valentines Day? the usual, a small gift, dinner at Fridays (where we had our first date) and a special nightie
20. What do you hope they do for you? the same - minus the special nightie
21. Name one Valentines Day that really stands out among the rest? our first, we exchanged small gifts, he wrote me a beautiful note on the card, and then at dinner surprised me with gold heart shaped earrings
22. Have you ever forgotten Valentines Day with your spouse? no way, I would never let it happen
23. Do you cry? often, but that's not his fault; I am a crier
24. What would be the perfect dream valentines day? a trip, anywhere, we've only ever vacationed on our honeymoon
25. If you could...how would you make this one coming, the most memorable ever? it will be the most memorable ever because I'll be sharing it with two of my sweethearts, my wonderful husband Greg and my sweet baby boy Palmer (hope he'll like the loaded potato skins and Jack Daniel's sauce from Fridays)

I'm tagging any other lovers of St. Valentine, cupid, and conversation hearts.

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