Monday, February 2, 2009

Nine Months

Palmer is nine months old today. He is such a big boy! I can't believe how quickly he grows up. We are sad that he is no longer our little baby, but are also thoroughly enjoying this fun stage. At nine months he has learned to exert a lot more energy with much less sleep. He is so unbelievably wiggly, and although he is not yet crawling, he is everywhere. He is a very happy, friendly, talkative and curious little guy, and he bring so much joy and laughter to our lives.

He has learned: to eat about anything (we are still selective on what we allow him to eat, but he can chew up just about any adult food. Yesterday, he enjoyed my soup and roll along with me at the Jenne's baby blessing luncheon), to kiss, to roll anywhere he wants and consequently to get into our television/video gaming wires, to wiggle out of a Bumpo, to remove the tray from his highchair, to grasp small objects (such as Cheerios) in between his pointer finger and thumb, to imitate sounds we make, to click his tongue, and today he waved back at a Sister Palmer during the Draper Temple open house

He likes: playing in the bath tub, baby talking, going out (he must leave the house at least once a day or he goes absolutely stir crazy, much like his mommy), Baby Einstein videos, other children (working at the day care is finally paying off), being outside, wind, jumping, toys and anything he might possibly conceive to be a toy (especially paper and wrappers), and eating adult food

He dislikes: being in the carseat, making it through the last of my shift at the day care, having to stay in one place, pureed meats, and getting his face wiped

Things he does that makes us laugh: flips all over the place when we are trying to change his diaper, constant wiggles, big smiles, lots of talking and cooing, and squealing laughs

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Jenn said...

He is so happy! It was so fun to see him on Sunday. Thanks so much for coming-it's always GREAT to see you guys! I just can't wait till him and Sammy can actually play together.