Monday, February 16, 2009

My Sweet Valentines

I love Valentine's Day! I love having an opportunity to celebrate your love with those you care about. Of course, this being our first year with a child, it played out a bit differently. We had to change a few plans as the day went on, but having Palmer be a part of it made it even more special. We went to a late lunch/early dinner at T.G.I. Fridays, where we had our first date and have gone ever Valentines' Day since. Palmer enjoyed his first french fries with gusto, which in turn, gave us some time to enjoy our meals.

We exchanged small gifts. Palmer received a heart balloon, which he has played with nonstop since we purchased it Thursday night. I gave Greg the DVD series Planet Earth. He enjoys nature shows and has been eyeing it for a while but has been reluctant to pay its high sticker price. I found a great deal on it and he is really enjoying it so far. Greg gave me the absolute sweetest gift! He gave me some bath salts, bath gel, a gift card to Borders, and a letter detailing a day for me away from the stresses of being a mom and homemaker. He says I can do whatever I want for a whole day (hence the bath and book, my favorite relaxing combination) and he will take care of the baby, the cooking, and the cleaning. His thoughtfulness truly amazes me!

I am thoroughly in love with my sweet valentines! My two guys are so wonderfully sweet and fun; Saint Valentine sure did a fine job in my life!

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Lisa said...

What a wonderful Valentines day for you. I love that you have traditions like going to Fridays. I love that Palmer could have a french fry also. What a sweetheart, I love that you are in LOVE. What a blessing.