Monday, February 23, 2009

Hess in a Mess

Our weekend was a bit dirty and messy... in more ways than one.

Getting down and dirty. Friday night I went out with a bunch of girlfriends to participate in a private class at Studio Soiree. It was so much fun! I had an absolute blast! We mostly worked on the floor, but we did try a bit of the pole. I must say, that pole is a killer workout! The place was very professional; I would suggest for any married woman to give it a try. After the class we went out to Leatherbys. All of our husbands got together (with the kids) and went out to dinner and then played video games and fuzzball.

Time to clean house. Of course, the next day I was so sore I could hardly move. So much for being a little sexier for Greg; I was walking around like a 90 year old grandma. I usually try to have the house clean for Sunday, but since I wasn't moving too well, it didn't get done. Our home teacher came to visit in our messy house. I was pretty embarrassed. Today I am getting back on top of things now that the post workout burn is just about gone. Housework... it never seems to end!

Messy family dinners. Palmer is starting to loose interest in baby food. We still give him his rice cereal and try to get a jar of pureed vegetables down him once or twice a day, but more and more often he is opting to eat our grown up dinner alongside us. It's pretty fun having family dinners together, and Palmer loves the flavors and textures of his newly discovered food. Last night he enjoyed London's cheddar, broccoli and chicken casserole and the night before he gobbled up my pizza pasta. He is getting much better at self feeding too, which frees up my arms, but leaves a bigger mess to clean up.


Kristina Werner said...

What, single girls can't try it out? Just teasin' ya, Lera. ;) Sounds like it was fun.

sweet nectar sara said...

i've never thought of trying a class before, but now you have piqued my interest!

Rie Pie said...

Palmer is so stinkin' cute!! He was making the funniest faces when he was eating that breadstick.
Ps. If you ever need help cleaning, I'm there.

Stoney said...

I have never heard of this studio soriee. It cracks me up. I could definetly see you "getting down and dirty". Love it!! OFr some reason it reminds me of all those wonderful girl talks we used to have at Seagull.