Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

Church was awesome today! The bishopric spoke in sacrament meeting and I was touched and inspired by each of their talks. It's always nice to get that boost of the spirit and to feel a reformation of your testimony. I think I needed a bit of a recharge.

Relief Society was wonderful as well. We went over the talk "Come What May and Love It" by Elder Wirthlin, a man who just recently I have discovered to be a phenomenal speaker. I was deeply moved by his talk in the October 2007 General Conference "The Great Commandment" and had looked forward to his talks each conference prior. Today's message was equally inspirational. There were many aspects to the talk that I plan to take on as new mottos for myself, but this one quote I found to be especially powerful:

"Sometimes the very moments that seem to overcome us with suffering are those that will ultimately suffer us to overcome." - Elder Joseph P. Wirthlin

As I have been reflecting upon the trials in my life, I know this to be true. Because of some difficult trials going on in our life at the time (Greg's self-employment, or more accurately, unemployment and not being able to start a family of our own) we found ourselves moving in with my parents. What a blessing that turned out to be because I was able to be with my mother during her last years, to help her, to spend quality time together, and even, to see her extreme suffering firsthand so that I could finally realize I needed to let her go.

I know it's not easy to see the blessings of our trials and tribulation, but I know they indeed are there. I know we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and is mindful of us. I know he has a plan for us, and if we put our faith in him, all will be well.


Rie Pie said...

I'm super excited to read these!! thanks for posting them.

"coooome whhhaaaaaat mayyyyyyyyy."

sweet nectar sara said...

i have checked out you blog a few times and i have to say, your little boy is so so cute, i love his big smile.
so, i taught on Elder Wirthlin's message last month and also thought he had such wonderful things to share. this month i taught on Pres Uchdtorf's message 'the infinite power of hope' and i was amazed at how the two messages were related. thanks for your thoughts :)