Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Friends

Thanks to our parents, who gave Greg and I very generous amounts of money for Christmas, I was able to purchase an iPod Nano. This is my first MP3 player and I must say I am in love with it! The one I wanted, the blue 16GB, was out everywhere, so we had to order it. It took a couple weeks to make it to me, but it was worth the wait. It has made my workouts so much more enjoyable! And now I can listen to the book our book group is currently reading while cleaning and not have to feel guilty about neglecting my house and family in order to finish it on time. It's totally fab!

Greg spent his money on the full band kit for Guitar Hero World Tour. I had bought him the game and guitar on Black Friday because I was able to get a killer deal on it, but now that he had enough money, he wanted the drums and microphone too. We put the slightly used game and guitar on KSL for the price we purchased it and it sold in one hour! Greg is a drummer, so I wasn't surprised that he liked the drums but he has also enjoyed singing to the songs as well. Anyone up for a Wii game night?

What fun, what fun!


Rie Pie said...

Yess!! They do have a RED one!!

Tiffany said...

I've always wanted to try out the drums... I hear you either love it or hate it. Maybe we could come over sometime and play?!? :)

Lisa said...

OK, so you have the whole thing now also, but we tried ROCK BAND 2 and they LOVE IT now, so I got it for Mitch for his birthday on Friday.
Thanks for the note on calibrating, it has made such a difference and we have shared the tip with others.
Gotta get together soon.

Lera said...

Greg wants Rock Band as well, but he heard you can't interchange the instruments, and we don't want to have that much equiptment in our livingroom. We need a video gaming room like you guys!

Lisa said...

The equipment IS interchangeable. I only bought the soft ware for Mitch on Rock Band 2, not the instruments. We just use the ones from the World Tour. It is nice to have that room these days, it is a blessing and when one of the boys wants his own room we will have space for him. Good luck. We will have to get together soon.