Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Man

Greg has been home a lot more lately (still haven't worked out whether he will be going back to school or studying from home), and I must say, he is so fun to have around. He is such a goof and gives me some great laughs!

About half of the pictures taken of Greg have him making a funny face or doing a silly pose. Such pictures usually do not make it to the printer. Here are a couple from our nine month pregnancy photo shoot that did not make the cut.

His coworkers are always telling him that he should do stand up comedy. I agree that he is rather hilarious, but stand up might put it a little over the top. In fact, in the past I've told Greg he's not allowed to watch Last Comic Standing when I'm home, because it gets him in such a silly mood that he spends the rest of the evening cracking not-always-so-great one liners about everything he sees.

Here are a few recent examples of his recent goofiness:
  • During Christmas, he took up more religious talk, a.k.a. turning his dialog into a scriptural tense. When I insisted we throw out my deviled eggs after they had a spill in the car on our way to my sister's house, he replied, "That which ye do unto these eggs, ye also do unto me."
  • In a work meeting his boss was asking for workers to volunteer for weekend shifts. Greg said he was willing to work Saturdays but not Sundays. His coworkers, giving him a hard time, asked if he believed God would strike him dead with lightening for working Sundays. He replied, "No, I believe God would strike you dead with lightening for making me work Sundays."
  • The other night as I was feeding Palmer dinner, I remarked that he had made such a mess that a word did not exist for it. Greg interjected saying, "We will call it Palmer."

So maybe you had to be there with these, but he sure does give me a good chuckle!


Lisa said...

It made me laugh. There is nothing better then a husband that can make you laugh and enjoy life. You are blessed.
I will need to talk to you about that invite.

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

Thanks for the laughs! Those were pretty funny!!

Lynette said...

No -- he's funny! I got a good laugh. :) :)