Friday, January 2, 2009

Eight Months

At eight months Palmer is wigglier than ever! He can't crawl yet, but he still finds ways to get into everything. Changing diapers is a joke. Trying to hold him in your lap is almost impossible; I can't even burp him anymore because he won't sit still. I put him down for a nap this afternoon and when I went in 20 minutes later to check on him, he had wiggled out of his pants. Oh goodness!

He has learned: to sit on his own, more babbling (now mutters mama, dada, bub and bob), has started using a sippy cup and feeding himself with his Fresh Food Feeder, and today he was giving me five (I'll have to see if he remembers how to do it tomorrow)

His likes: toys, toys and more toys, being tickled, getting out of the house at least once a day, the wind, his jumperoo, baby food, and some adult food (I let him try a little bit of his first cookie, a snickerdoodle, and it was quite the hit)

His dislikes: his winter coat, too much noise and stimulation, watching others eat when he is not eating

Things he does that makes us laugh: "swims" when on his belly (his arms are always out to the side like an airplane as he bobs his head and chest and kicks his feet - shown above), shoves his fingers in our mouths and all over our faces, lots of smiles and laughs

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