Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seven Months

Holy moly, my little boy is seven months old today; that is closer to one year of age than to his birthday. He is no longer my little baby, but now a big babe with a personality all his own. He still is not yet sitting entirely by himself because he is so very tall, and has a lot to balance, but he squirms all over the place. He is so strong and so determined that I can hardly hold him now! I don't know to where he thinks he is going, but he is anxious to get there. Here is what is going on with Palmer at seven months of age.

He has learned: to play peek-a-boo with a blanket, to hold his bottle for a short period of time, to babble, to spit (not liking this one at mealtime), and to take off his socks and winter hat (it even ties around the neck and he can get it off, little stinker)

He likes: splashing in the bathtub, sucking his thumb, rice cereal, pureed vegetables and fruit, his jumper, toys, lights (so far he is loving the Christmas season), being outside, wind, and being held

He dislikes: pureed meat, being left alone, being in one place too long, and wearing his winter coat

Things he does that make us laugh: yell inbetween bites during mealtime, baby babbling, huge smiles and hearty laughs


Stoney said...

The best smile!

Martha Belle Schultz said...

Is smile is beautiful ... love the dimples !