Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merrie Miss Reunion

(left to right, top row) Me, Trisha, Adrienne, Sara, (bottom row) Michelle, Becky, Myrna, Sarah, Jessie

About fifteen years ago I, along with all my ward buddies, entered Young Womens. We were a huge group of girls! When I became a Beehive, there were about 30 others on the roll. Imagine being the Young Woman leader over that many hyper, giggling, squealing 12-13 year olds! I have such great memories of my years as a youth, and I feel lucky to have grown up with such wonderful friends and examples.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with most of the girls from the 27th ward hood, as well as our past Merrie Miss Advisor. We ate pizza and treats (I made snickerdoodles), met each other's families, watched an old home video and gabbed all night. I had a great time; it was wonderful to see everyone again! It was especially cute seeing all our little boys (seven, eight and nine months old) together and getting to see Sarah's prego belly. I'm sending out a big thanks to Adrienne for arranging the get together, and to all those who joined in on the fun.


Lisa said...

OK, I love this. I love that you had this and I love that I know so many of you. I know Michelle and Myrna and you and Trish and Adriane. I love it.
So glad you were able to do this.

Adrienne said...

Thank YOU, it was so much fun!!! I can't believe so many were able to come!! We were so lucky to grow up together.