Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Handmade Christmas

My mother gave each of us daughters an angel figurine every year at Christmas. After she passed away, my sisters and I decided to keep the tradition going in our own little way. We now give each other angel gifts, or in other words homemade gifts or acts of service. This is our second year running with the handmade presents (last year I passed along homemade frozen dinners, London gifted some painted a wooden home decoration, and Sariah created handmade necklaces). I must say, I love this newfound tradition. I love how it brings us together in remembrance our mother who was always so very generous of her time and talents. Here are the goods from this year.

pajama pants from Sariah (London's fabric had cupcakes, mine was princess themed)

a winter themed party in a bag from London (and a coupon for a winter themed cake at such a party)

I framed and decorated my mother's bridal picture and President Hinckley's poem "What Is This Thing That Men Call Death?"

I also added a homemade touch to our other Christmas gifts this year, in the form of handmade gift tags. I found my mother's box of old Christmas wrapping paper in our attic and have enjoyed creating an eclectic arrangement of gifts by wrapping each one in a different paper. Today I crafted a tag to match the paper of every gift under our tree. I truly love wrapped presents (I am very anti-bag). I believe opening a beautifully wrapped gift is half of the of fun when receiving a present.


Lisa said...

What a wonderful tradition Lera. I am so glad you have your sisters. Everything looks wonderful and I love the wrapped gifts. Merry Christmas my dear friend.

Rie Pie said...

I think that you won angel gifts this year!! I love mine and I already have it set up in the perfect place in my room.
PS. I am so proud of your wrapping skills. They are awesome!!