Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Card and Neighbor Gifts

I've been feeling so far behind this year in regards to being ready for Christmas. This week has been a mad dash to get everything done in time. I've been baking almost daily and crafting in between oven buzzers. Things are finally starting to come together. I did all my Christmas cards this year in one day's time (through one two hour nap and about an hour later that evening while Palmer played in his jumper). They are very simple since I was so rushed for time, but they are done, and I am pleased with them.

I spent yesterday and today scrapbooking recipe cards to go with our neighbor gifts. We are giving oven mitts this year with a little booklet of our favorite recipes instead of our traditional baked goodies. We can never eat all the treats we receive and so I thought this way our friends will be able to enjoy the sweetness of this Christmas season all the year through.

Now I just need to deliver everything, finish up my homemade gifts for my sisters, buy a couple more presents, wrap a few others, and clean my very, very messy neglected house, and I'm done! Getting ready for Christmas is almost like some crazy high, an extremely rushed flustering high, but a high nonetheless.


Adrienne said...

I love the oven mitt idea - I love sweets but even I get a little overloaded at Christmas! Even Halloween doesn't compare!

Lissa and Cory said...

I loved your Christmas card. Thank you. You should get yours shortly.

mj said...

that is an awesome idea! nice work!