Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's in a Name

Yesterday I was playing Boggle online (yes, I am that cool) and I entered the word "vern". Of course, the game replied that "vern" was not in the dictionary. I sat there for a couple seconds until I realized why this nonsense word seemed to be an actual word to me; it's because I hear it about once a week from my little sister, who lovingly refers to me as Mr. Vern. This ridiculous name came from a mislabeled piece of mail I receive about five or six years ago, and to my dismay has become a permanent pet name for me. I also am referred to as Short Stack and Short Cake (which I am 5'6", hardly considered to be a short person), Mistress Butterbuns (a silly catcall I misheard in a movie and repeated aloud in infamy), Beera, and because of my middle name Lee, I also get L.L./L.L. Cool Jay, and Leraleehee. I used to be able to go by Dollar Five, since my first name means dollar in Italy and my last name was Nichols, but now with my married name and a whole lot of unfortunate things I have said and miscellaneous pieces of mail, my nicknames are no longer so clever and much more outlandish.

Greg goes by numerous variations of his name. There is Greggy Wedgie (another winner from my sister Sariah), Gregarious (always proclaimed in a deep curling voice by a bishopric member in our ward), Greggooey (because he accidently wrote this instead of Gregory when filling out an Ensign subscription; the cashier commented on the strange name before we realized the mistake) Gregonomus, and Gregzor.

Finally, we come to Palmer. He doesn't yet have a set nickname, but we do call him just about everything under the sun. It always starts with the phrase "little" and often, but not always, ends with some sort of dessert or seasonal item. We call him Little Pumpkin, Little Sweetie Pie, Little Pudding, Little Pudding Pie, Little Turkey Squirt, Little Kumquat, Little Polliwog, Little Lima Bean, Little Cookie, Little Bug, Little Cupcake, Little Baby Cakes, and so on and so forth. I suppose the right one will stick when we find it.

What are your/your children's nicknames and how did they come about?


Linnae said...

Hi. I'm Lisa's friend and I read your blog all the time. I enjoy your blog quite a bit. Maybe even too much because I go through withdrawals when I don't see a new post from Lera. You are great! If Lisa loves you, I do to. My nickname is Linny. My family still calls me that, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. My girls don't have any middle names, but it's funny how we always say one when we want their attention.

Rie Pie said...

I have a ton of them, some of my nicknames are; Rie, Rie Pie, Rye Bread, Papaya (ugghhh), Rietchous, Riot, Rieter, Demon LLama (don't ask), Mom used to call me ducky, Dad called me Pumpkin... and in second grade when I had the body of an over weight 24 year old, kids would call me sir rhino and solute me when I walked by. (what they don't know is that I haven't had to try to find a new pant size for 11 years. So, BAH, the joke is on them. lol)

Oh, Mr. Vern, you silly thing, you and Wedgie forgot to add "My Palmer" to Palmer's list. I'm pretty sure I haven't just called him Palmer for a very long time.
"My Palmer" normally gets turned into a little story too...

example: "Hi My Palmer!!" I say as auntie like as I can then my voice goes up quite a few auctives and turns into what would be Palmer's response; "Hi, my name is Palmer, and I'm adorable."

But does a small conversation between one person and a baby that can't speak count as a nick name??

wow. I think this is the longest comment in history. There should be an award for this.
ps. the work verification below is; riessol...a new nickname in the making!!?

Lynette said...

Well, for me I've been called Penelope Pickle Packer, Penulope, Yoda, Netty, Lynetty, Nette, and Sketti (as in Spagetti :) ).

I call our kids Mare-bear, Racecar, and Lily-badilly. :)