Sunday, November 2, 2008

Six Months

Wow, six months have come and gone for our no-longer-so-little Palmer. I can't believe how quickly the time goes. We were planning on buying Palmer a jumper toy for Christmas but realized he'll almost be too big for it by then, so we broke down last weekend and purchased him the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. He absolutely loves it! He will jump until he is so exhausted that he starts to whimper and then continue to jump while whining. Silly boy. So here is what is going on with Palmer at half a year old.

He has learned: to eat purified versions of just about everything under the sun: prunes, apples, pears, peaches, peas, green beans, squash and sweet potatoes, and as of last night at Leatherby's the banana from our banana split, to also suck his right thumb, and to sleep a couple more (now up to 9-10) hours at night

He likes: jumping in his jumperoo, eating baby food, going on walks, flirting with everyone he meets, playing with toys, being outside in the wind and putting his fingers (and Mom's and Dad's fingers) in his mouth

He dislikes: napping anywhere but in his crib, going to the doctor (he now associates the doctor's table with getting shots), being confined to the carseat and as always pacifiers

Things he does that makes us laugh: funny faces, wakes up laughing and cooing in the morning, lots of wiggling, big smiles and giggles


Lisa said...

Enjoy every second with that cutie, it really does go by too fast. Take lots of video of him also. What a darling little guy you have.

Adrienne said...

Ha ha, Cael has that jumperoo too, isn't it the BEST!! We love it! Happy 6 months to Palmer!