Monday, November 3, 2008

I Did Not See this Coming

I have always been a big water drinker. I've never really liked pop, and nothing seems to quench my thirst but water. My family calls me a camel because I drink about three glasses of water with dinner. Greg is not a fan of water with meals. He prefers just about anything else, juice, soda pop, Gatorade, etc. When we first married, Greg was on a juice kick. With every meal he drank juice, and so I adapted to the same set-up. About 20 pounds later I realized even though the juice tasted good, I shouldn't be drinking it with each and every meal, and I went back to my previous habit of drinking water.

Well, the children I watched at daycare would not drink water, and after realizing I could not afford to provide them with gallons and gallons of juice all day long, I started buying and making Kool-Aid. They were happy with that, as was my wallet. Greg started drinking the leftover Kool-Aid with his meals, and one night I tried it and realized I actually liked it too. Crazily enough, I am now, at 26 years of age, addicted to Kool-Aid! I realized this was not okay the other night when we had friends over for dinner. I had made a considerably yummy, very adult, meal and Greg offered them Kool-Aid as their accompanying beverage. They tried to hide it, but I'm pretty sure I saw them give us a strange look. So, for the sake of maintaining our cool, okay not cool, but maybe normal, status and so that I do not gain back the baby weight, I have decided to wean myself off the juice... I mean Kool-Aid.


Emily said...

I always choose water too, but have had my fair share at being addicted to the all too cheap and easy to make kool-aid.

Rie Pie said...

I think that Grape is the best flavor. But seriously...kool-aid is too expensive sometimes. lol

Valerie said...

I'm a kool-aid junkie myself....but I always add splenda instead of sugar, that way I don't get too much of a sugar high. :)