Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday Amusements

For the most part this weekend was pretty casual. Friday and Sunday we took it easy at home, but Saturday we spent the day playing. Here is what we did.

Tracy Aviary. Greg, his mother Nancy, Palmer and I went to the Tracy Aviary. It was free this weekend to raise awareness of Proposition 1. We walked around, watched the pelicans feed, and fed other birds seed throughout the park. Palmer enjoyed the outing and even took notice of some of the feathered friends we came upon. It surprises me how aware he is of his surroundings at such a young age. We always think our outings will be just for Greg and I, but Palmer truly enjoys them too.

Feeding the Missionaries. We had the missionaries over for dinner. I served pork stew, warm rolls from the oven and brownies with chocolate frosting. They seemed to really enjoy the meal. They were both from Hawaii. It was one of the missionaries' very first week in the field. He was so excited and so positive. His enthusiasm was endearing. We had a pleasant conversation and they left us with a message of hope during trials.

Wall-E. We went to the dollar theater in the evening. Palmer did pretty well. I only had to leave once with him, and he slept through the second half. We really enjoyed the show. I thought it was quite clever; they worked in a lot of problems our world now faces. We were also impressed with how entertaining the movie was without much dialog. It was really cute and if your behind on the times like we were and haven't seen it yet, we recommend it.

Unfortunately, after our day of fun I woke up sick on Sunday and missed church. I don't know if it is because I don't often get much sleep or because I frequently have children in my home, but lately we are always sick! Just about every other week one of us comes down with something icky and spreads it to everyone else. I have the humidifier running nonstop in Palmer's room trying to prevent him from getting our colds. Thankfully, he only catches about half of them.


Martha Belle Schultz said...

Hey , It was fun to see you today , I am so sorry for being rude and interrupting ( something I need to work on . Here is the link to the movie if you care to see it . Hope to see you tommorrow night !

Derek and Emily said...

Sounds like you had fun... sorry you keep getting sick, that isn't fun. Hopefully once you're done babysitting you'll be able to stay healthy!