Friday, October 17, 2008


I've seen this on a few of my friends' sites and decided to do it myself. Here are six of my quirks.

1. Hand washing. I am a perpetual hand washer. I think it began in my nursery leader days and became a full blown obsessive compulsive habit when I started working with special need students. In the classroom I would wash my hands 10-15 times a day. I am the only person I know that visits the restroom to wash their hands before eating at a restaurant.

2. Alphabetizing. My house may not always be clean, but by golly it is alphabetized. My movies are alphabetized by title and my books by author. I am currently working on a system for my spices. I love that everything has its own specific place and it makes it so easy to find what I want quickly.

3. Too tired to go to sleep. I know this sounds ridiculous but I have the same sleeping dilemma as my five month old son. As most babies do, Palmer fights sleep when he gets too tired. Likewise, if I wait too long to go to bed, I can not get myself to sleep. I follow the same routine every night before I go to bed: go to the bathroom, brush teeth, clean mouth piece, wash face, take out contacts. If I am really tired it will take me up to an hour to get the drive to start my routine and I will extend the five minute job into a half hour.

4. Locking doors. I don't know why this is an issue for me because growing up we NEVER locked our door, even at night. Since my mom was handicapped and couldn't get to the door, and because she just had a super friendly attitude, everyone we knew just walked into our home (I recall a very embarrassing experience with a foreign exchange neighbor and me in a towel... I won't go into details). But now, I am paranoid about each door of our home being locked. I ask Greg every night before we go to bed if he locked the door and then most nights I get out of bed and check, just in case he said he did but really didn't.

5. Ranch Dressing. I love ranch dressing. I eat it on french fries, baked potatoes, chicken, pizza, sandwiches, and of course salads. It is a stable in our refrigerator that is just about as important as milk.

6. Themes. I have this drive to make everything in my life coordinate and revolve around a central idea. Every room in our home has a theme. Since Palmer's room in done in jungle animals I am drawn to jungle animal toys and jungle animal clothes. Every holiday has a theme that I decorate and give gifts around. I plan themed parties. I went through many themes that I wanted to incorporate into our children's names: colors, authors, family, religion, nature, syllables, phonetics, etc. Each one limited me and excluded names that I loved. I was actually stressed about which theme to go with, and Greg had to sit me down and give me a reality check. So, to make a long story short we purposely named Palmer without a theme that would correspond with the rest of our future children's names. I have to be honest, it still bugs me, and I do still try to work his name into a centralized idea that we can later use.


Derek and Emily said...

I alphabetize too, but it could play over from working too many years at Blockbuster. Everyone always makes fun of me for it, I am glad I'm not the only one.

Lera said...

That's really funny Emily because I worked at Blockbuster for a couple years too, and that is where my alphabetizing habit started as well!

Rie Pie said...