Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hollywood Halloween Party

London hosted a Hollywood Halloween party that we attended on Saturday. She totally went all out for this one; It was great! The invitation stated to come as a celebrity or a character from a movie. We went as Juno (no, that is not a "food baby", or a real baby for that matter, it is a bunch of towels, it did however bring back memories of pregnancy and I realized I am not quite ready to return to that large and awkward state) and Bleeker (with a pocket full of orange Tic Tacs to munch on through the night).

There was a red carpet entering her home with paparazzi taking pictures of all the starlets as we arrived. The house was decorated with movie facts and paraphernalia. There were scenes from The Wizard of Oz, Frankenstein's Bride, Snow White and Arachnophobia set up throughout the house.

London served mock tails. She had black and purple sugar to coat the rims of our glasses and lemonade and Sprite with special add-in flavorings (all with cute spooky labels), and ganishes: orange wedges and maraschino cherry picks.

Everyone also brought a finger food to share. Here are a few of the most festive ones.

We ate, chatted and played Hollywood themed games. Greg and I each won a prize for our phenomenal acting skills (or more accurately for being loud and emphatic).

Here are a few pictures of other fellow celebrities who attended.

The hostess with the mostess, Zsa Zsa Gabor a.k.a. London

Dr. Evil a.k.a. Monte

Brittany Spears a.k.a. Sariah (notice the baby strapped to her ankle that reads "Oops I did it again!)

Fiona and Shrek a.k.a Betty and Dad (Shrek won best costume)

Will Smith (from Wild Wild West) and a Hippo from Fantasia a.k.a. Bobby and Susan

Geisha Girl and Kid Rock a.k.a. Shannon and her date Chuck

Thanks for a great party London; it was a blast! You should be in the party planning business... oh wait, that's right, you are!


Lisa said...

Oh my, This made me laugh so hard and I made my husband look at it also. Yet again, another reason that we should be better friends. Everytime I read your blog, I think that we have to have you over and become better friend. I loved it, I loved the orange tick tacks so much. Rie was a riot. Love that girl. WOW what a party, I have to get in better with you and your family and get invited to these parties. How fun for you.
I need a good laugh before I went to bed tonight. I got called to be in the Stake Young Womens today and release from the ward and it has been an emotional day. Thanks for the laugh. Love ya Lera

Missy said...

That is an awesome custom! I love it! Its a good thing thats not a real baby or better yet a food baby for that matter. London's parties always rock!

zanobo said...

That looks like so much fun! My aunt in St. George throws an awesome Witches party every Halloween so your pictures make me miss it all the more. Your family is always celebrating life, I love it! Your dad looks great!

mj said...

what a fun party! your costumes were awesome!

Rie Pie said...

Yummmmmm, Iwan, Wentworth, LL... Wrong blog comment, but all the same, they are hot!!