Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Palmer trick or treated at two houses on his first Halloween: Grandma Nancy's and Auntie London's. Nancy gave him a stuffed ghost and London gave him some biter biscuits. What thoughtful family members we have, giving a treat that our six month old son will actual be able to enjoy. This was the first time Palmer had tried a bitter biscuit; he absolutely loved it! He made an utter mess of himself. Needless to say, Palmer's first Halloween ended with a very soapy splash in the tub.

We were back to the house in time to pass out treats of our own. We had a laid back evening. I made chili and cornbread, and we just took it easy watching old episodes of Friends. I am ready to move on from Halloween. We celebrated it quite thoroughly, and I am relieved to no longer have Halloween candy in my house constantly tempting me to munch. Of course, it is now time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas which bring even more delectable goodies!


Lisa said...

Welcome to the messy world of bitter bisquits, I do not miss those days. Go Lera.
Happy Halloween my cool friend

Haley Greer said...

Lera, that's an adorable picture of you and Palmer.