Monday, October 6, 2008

Gardener Village

On Saturday we went with Greg's side of the family to Gardener Village to eat dinner and look at the shops and decorations. It was pouring rain, but we all still wanted to go, so we made an adventure out of it. The restaurant, Archibalds, is so delicious! The shops were charming and quaint. We enjoyed some treats at the local bakery. Since it was raining so badly there weren't too many witches stalking about, but it was still really neat to look at all of the decorations. The place looked great and we had a wonderful time.


Rie Pie said...

fun!! Wish I was there. Also, Jenn and I were talking about the word "quaint". I love it. I think that more people should use it in social gatherings.

"isn't she quaint."
"your room is so quaint."
"wow, that's quaint."

Stoney said...

Good times. I love the middle picture of Palmer all snug and warm.