Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finding Joy in Sorrow?

We have realized that our son has a touch of morbidity in him. I know that sounds just wrong to say that about a four month old, but honestly, he does. He thinks it is hilarious when someone is crying. He has laughed at me when I have cried many a times. Last week, a friend was baring her soul to me and Palmer laughed at her as she wiped away her tears, and Sunday he laughed at the Bishop when he became emotional over something that was very serious and sad.

We've also noticed that he seems to laugh at disturbing things on television. Greg and I were watching a rerun of Prison Break, one where the main character's toes where being cut off (disgusting, I know), and I commented that it was really disturbing to me and maybe we should be more mindful of what we watch in front of Palmer. He then burst out laughing, so we figured he had no comprehension of what he was seeing, and he was fine. After last night's experience I now know that is not the case. I was watching the Biggest Loser and Palmer was being quite fussy. The show depicted a contestant and her trainer boxing. The contestant was just exhausted and didn't have any more strength to continue the workout. The trainer began to just pummel the contestant (which by the way, I thought was just an awful way to motivate) and the contestant started crying hard. This continued for a couple minutes, the trainer hitting and yelling, the contestant crying, not fighting back. Palmer stopped in the middle of a fussy cry and cracked up laughing. He laughed hard through the whole segment.

So I'm not quite sure how I should react to this strange phenomenon. I'm not worried that he will become a sociopath or anything. He is a very happy and very loving baby. He just has the quirky idea that it's hilarious when others are crying. I guess I can put a positive spin on it and say he is able to find joy when others only feel sorrow. Yeah, that sounds good, much better than my four month old son is morbid. We'll just say that.

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Lisa said...

Lera, That is one of the most interesting things I have heard. I would keep an eye on that behavior if I were you. At least you know how to calm him down when he is fussy, just show him something disturbing, ha ha
Good luck with this and keep us updated, I am very interested as to how this progresses. Hang in there.