Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Four Months Old

Palmer is getting so big, four months old. He is such a joy to be around! Everywhere we go people comment on what a happy, smiley baby we have. I am so blessed to have such a plesant natured little boy. He is so patient when I am tending other children. Today he waited happily in his crib a half hour after his nap for me to make it in there and get him and another half hour after that to get around to feeding him. Sweet boy. He's had a bit of a rough month with his first illness, but he's handled it well. Here's the skinny on Palmer at four months of age.

He has learned: to roll over, to pick up toys, to grab his toes and to lift his head and upper body out of his carseat (he is always trying to escape)

He likes: sucking his left thumb, being toted around in his baby carrier on daddy's chest, the older kids at day care (he laughs at them often), medicine, his play pen, watching TV (oh no, it's already started!), being tickled, and being held by mommy and daddy

He dislikes: binkies, long drives, the younger kids at day care (they poke and prod him), and nursing under a blanket

Things he does that makes us laugh: sing-songy cooing that goes on and on, big gummy smiles, and hearty laughs

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Rie Pie said...

oh my goodness!!! What a cute carseat!! j/k. That might just be the cutest picture ever!!