Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Bunch of Sickies

After a couple of days of bumming around and sleeping in, I am on the mend from my cold. Greg is still having a hard time getting over it. He was coughing so hard last night that he threw up twice. After he threw up the first time, he came to me with a pouty lip and said, "I spit up!" Funny but so sad. He called in sick today.

Palmer has been a bit fussy the past two days and yesterday afternoon he cried hard for a couple of hours, which is not at all like him. He's also been grabbing the back of his head and pulling at his hair. We finally figured out (with the help of Greg's mom and sister) that he probably had an ear ache. We took him to instacare last night and he did have an ear infection. I feel so bad for him. He was crying so hard at the doctor's office. We have him on antibiotics and ibuprophen. Hopefully he gets over it soon.

We are taking it easy today. I'm only watching two kids and I think we will just be watching movies and playing with toys. I hope I can keep them entertained in that way so that all of us can rest and mend.


ColbandSar said...

I'm sorry! That sucks you guys are all sick!And poor baby, I think it is going to be hard to see them not feel good too! I already feel like that towards my dogs!hope you are all feeling better soon!

Rie Pie said...

I'm so sorry that you guys are sick!! I could make you some watery rice....lol

The Kerns said...

That is no fun! Derek and Taylor have been sick as well. Hope you guys are feeling better.