Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog Buddies

I love blogs! I love writing them, reading them, and stalking them. Seriously, I know it's not okay how much time I spend with them, but it is a great social outlet when you are stuck at home with kids all day.

I had a good laugh as I checked my friends' blogs, the three I just had a play date at the park with, to see that after hanging out we all went home and blogged. We sure are a technologically driven society. I make fun of my husband for playing the Wii over Wi-Fi instead of just going to his friend's house just down the street, yet I guess I do the same thing in a slightly less nerdy manner.

I wonder if it is wrong that I already know of a friend's friend before she is even mentioned, let alone, her spouse's name, her children's names and where they vacationed last month, because I hopped from my friend's blog to this so-called stranger's blog. I will admit it; I am a blog stalker. I can say this here, among friends (or possibly my own stalkers?), but I would never admit my addiction by commenting on their site, no matter how much I want to know where they received their stylish new haircut.

I, however, do know that I am not alone. I was able to meet up with an old friend, (another wonderful benefit from blogging, keeping in touch with those you would otherwise not see) who informed me that her friend loves my recipes. Oddly, this gave me a strange sense of accomplishment; I am cool enough to have a complete stranger be interested in my life, or at least my cooking. That says something, doesn't it? So I have determined that it is official... I am a big deal! I am significant, and all because I blog.


Martha Belle Schultz said...

It was fun to see and hang out with you today , your lil guy is soo dang cute !

Haley Greer said...

You kill me. In truth if I had more time to blogstalk I probably would... mostly because I find it very fascinating to analyze what ISN'T being blogged about from what IS being blogged about.

By the way, I won't be able to attend the Family Feud thing anymore... I'm going to the Fair with a friend instead. It sounds like a blast though, and know that I wish I was there!

Erin said...

you can blog stalk me anytime.

Jenn said...

i think there was a lot of truth to your post-most people including myself love to blog stalk. Its pretty entertaining when you need a good laugh or read for the day!