Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend in Ely

Friday we traveled to Ely Nevada to visit Greg's Dad, Kelly. He had recently moved to the town and it was our first time visiting with him there. It's a very pretty little town two hours south of Wendover. The total trip took four hours. Palmer did pretty well. He did get tired of being in the carseat and was very excited to get out and stretch half way through the drive. On the way there we took a break at a rest stop by the Salt Flats. Palmer was very happy to be out of the car and looking around.

Saturday we spent most of the day in the mountains. We found a great spot with a lot of shade by a creek. We went four wheeling (my favorite!), had a BBQ and made smores.

Kelly's girlfriend Mary is an excellent cook. She made us the yummiest breakfasts. Saturday morning we had country biscuits and sausage gravy, fried potatoes, sausage and scrambled eggs. Sunday morning we had scones with honey butter, bacon and peaches and cream.

We really had a great time and we are excited to go back soon to visit again!


Rie Pie said...

oh my goodness. My Palmer looks so cute next to the water!!!!

mj said...

i am glad that you could skip town for a bit. hopefully that will help you feel poopless. and i am soo making your peach berry dessert...yum! what can be better than peaches, blueberries and buttery oat crust? ice cream for al a mode probably.

Roden Family said... is good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment on my family blog. Your little one is adorable...congrats! Aren't babies a blessing! They are definatley hard work, but well worth it!