Saturday, August 2, 2008

Three Months Old

Palmer is three months old today. He is growing so fast! He started drooling this last week, and is showing other signs of teething. I didn't know they could start so young. Here is 411 on Palmer at three months of age.

He has learned: that he has hands (he stares at them often as he moves them around and even uses them to play with the chimes above his carseat), to have conversations (okay so he is only cooing, but he responds to us talking to him), to tolerate baths, and to laugh big and heartily, and to suck his thumb

He likes: kisses, his bouncer, raspberries on his tummy, being held, being sang to, hanging out on the floor, cooing, sleeping in his crib at night

He dislikes: pacifiers, his swing, being in the carseat too long, Similac (he will tolerate Enfamil, but much prefers breast milk)

Things he does that makes us laugh: his laughs and smiles, his superman pose, constantly pumping his legs up and down, blowing bubbles


Valerie said...

He is sooo adorable! Happy 3 months!

Stoney said...

Picture perfect! How time flies.