Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things We are Lovin' this Week

It's been a busy week for us. I started day care and Greg has had school off, so we've been busy, busy getting the house and other things in order. There have been a few things that have given us a much needed break from the frenzy of life.

  1. 1. Batman! We saw The Dark Knight last night and loved it! I am a huge Batman fan to begin with, and I loved Christian Bale in Batman Begins. This one was even better. I also have always been a huge fan of Heath Ledger (since the moment I first saw him in 10 Things I Hate about You and A Knight's Tale) and was happy to see him doing his thing one last time. He really was an amazing actor! His portrayal of The Joker was so freaky; it gave me the shakes. It was really nice to have a date night as well.

2. Ward members. Thursday night I attended the Relief Society picnic and so enjoyed the company of adults. I have such great friends in the ward. I just love them! It also gave Greg a quiet home to study in for the night. And this afternoon our ward friend Gary brought over some cherry lemon sweet rolls. He makes the best cinnamon rolls in the entire world, which he generously shares with our family. He said he was experimenting with different flavors today, yum. Gary, we will be your guinea pigs anytime you need! He also brought us a 2 GB memory card so that we could take longer videos of Palmer, so kind and thoughtful.

  1. 3. The Olympics. I've always enjoyed the Olympics. There is just something that makes me marvel at such dedicated athletes, their drive and amazing abilities. Greg is developing a love for the games as well. He wasn't interested in watching them when I first asked if he would like to, but as I had them on television later he also got caught up in the sport of things and now stays up late watching instead of going to sleep when I am ready for bed. We've especially enjoyed watching Micheal Phelps and the American gymnasts. Go team USA!

4. Palmer. Greg has loved having evenings off to spend with the baby, and me too I think. :) Since I started watching other kids I haven't been able to give Palmer as much attention as before and it's made me appreciate the times I have alone with him more. He really is such a joy to be around. Everyone comments on what a happy and smiley baby he is. You can't help but love him.


Rie Pie said...

I love the Heath!! He can creepy his way into my life at any time. Love the Gary and his master baking. Love the phelps!! ((cyber wink)) I love the Palmer. He is so happy all the time. It's so funny how a 3 month old is one of my rold models. I love you guys too. Ps. If you need somehthing else to do... I rented the next two prison break's. Yummmm! Eye Candy. Love the Lincoln. I love the T-bag too. But not so much in the 'eye candy' way.

Tiffany said...

Palmer's dimples are to die for! What a happy little guy. I too am a HUGE fan of the Olympics. I find myself watching it late into the night when I know I should be sleeping instead. Go USA!!