Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Step Away from Mom Jeans

I have noticed a trend. Once a women gets pregnant and/or has a baby she chops off her hair to a no-fuss hairstyle. I have always been a long hair girl, and vowed I would not change this self-defining characteristic once I became a mom. But, I have noticed a few matters concerning my appearance slipping as of late.
  1. I now answer the door with wet hair and no make-up because Palmer has not yet taken his nap that I use to primp for the day. Many of my neighbors and friends and salesmen will attest to this.

  2. I no longer wear heals. I was clumsy before I had Palmer, but now I truly believe it would be a safety hazard to wear healed shoes while toting him around.

  3. I hardly ever wear jewelry because of little, but somehow very strong, baby hands that like to pull and grab.

  4. I don't wear v-necks because Palmer likes to pull down my shirt and I'm sure everyone has seen enough of my chest as it is with my awkward breastfeeding.

  5. I usually have spit-up or some type of food mess (from the kids I tend) all over my clothes, and sometimes other places on my body (like the last time I went to get my hair dyed and the beautician said I had some very strong product in my hair that was difficult to brush out. I replied that I had not used any hair product that day and then blushed as I realized, and embarrassingly admitted, it was spit-up).

  6. I hardly ever curl my hair anymore because if I straighten it I get two days without having to wash and dry it. Which leads me to the next point...

  7. I have my hair in a pony tail just about every other day.

  8. I no longer wear dresses. A couple weeks ago I wore my favorite dress, so happy that I could once again fit into it. But alas, when I walked into the mothers' room to nurse, I just stood there dumbfounded as I realized in order to feed my baby I would have to pretty much get naked at church. Needless to say it's been skirts ever since.
Oh well, at least I still have my long hair right? Even if it is usually wet, clumped with spit-up, or in a ponytail. I guess everyone gives in to the demands of motherhood in their own ways.


mj said...

the dress story is hIlarious! I am glad you still have long hair. i cut mine. and i hate it. it grows back right?

Brian_n_Amy said...

I know what you mean about the dress thing. I wish someone would just invent nursing dresses or shirts already! It's so inconvenient!!! I find it hard to wear anything that is what I call nursing friendly to church. So frustrating!

Stoney said...

Thanks for the GREAT laughs. It is all so true. I can attest to it all. I do admit I just cut my hair (7 inches) a few weeks ago... it is only a matter of time. With two under two, there are times I don't get dressed until right before Stoney gets home. I know it is awful.

The Kerns said...

Lera, you are such a good reader, I love reading your blog! :) Oh man, I know all about answering the door without being presentable. It seems like I am still in my PJ's in the afternoon all the time. What's a mom to do? I do have short hair though, but only because I have a sister in-law who I told "do whatever you want" once, and she chopped it before I was even preggo. I ended up loving it though. I must admit though, it is nice when I have to hurry and get ready.

The Kerns said...

:) I mean you are such a good WRITER not reader... oops!

Tiffany said...

You make me laugh out loud! I can attest to about all of those things as well. Ah, the joys of motherhood! I did however, chop my hair but not because I never did it, I just needed a change. But, it was conveniently right after I had Lilly. So, I got that question asked a lot. "Did you cut your hair so it's easier to do now that you're a new mom?" It really is MORE difficult to do now that it is shorter because I have to actually "style" it instead of pulling it up in a pony. And I so badly want to wear a dress to church, but I have had nightmares about sitting naked in the mother's lounge so that I can feed my crying baby! AAAHH!! :)

Danny and Laura said...

I don't think you know me but I am one of Amy's friends and I clicked on your blog from hers. I just have to say this post is so funny. I had my baby boy at the end of May and I can totally relate. And the Mom's jeans photo is classic. I actually saw this commercial a while ago on the internet (youtube I think.) Anyway, sorry about the "blog stalking" but this was a good post. I enjoyed it.