Monday, August 4, 2008

Poem - A Novel Service

My sister and a friend have started getting together to write every few weeks. I joined them last week. I gave a mini-lesson as a prompt. It was a lot of fun for me. Not only was I able to write, a long lost obsession of mine, I was able to teach about writing, another obsession, the career I studied for and plan to return to after I raise my children. We made mind maps about a place that we enjoy visiting. We explored four different categories in our brainstorming: what it is, where it is, purposes and benefits. Then we each wrote for several minutes and shared our finished products. I chose the library as my place and this is the poem I that came out of the exercise.

A Novel Service
by Lera Hess

Limitless exploration
at my very fingertips

Opportunities -
to remember a history
journey far-off lands
battle a grand war
dance with an elf
fall in love once more

The door lays open
it does not judge
so it will not reject

Open invitations
through isles and rows
words, paragraphs and indexes

An escape of life
with new life
more than I -
could alone imagine

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fall-girl said...

...and yet another talent...thanks for sharing!