Sunday, August 17, 2008

LDS Family Feud

We are the Young Single Adult Advisers for our ward and our ward is in charge of the next stake activity. We are going to play LDS Family Feud and need to survey 100 LDS people. If you are able to, please take the time to fill out this survey (just copy and paste the questions, fill in your answers and either post them as a comment on our blog or email them to me at We really appreciate anyone's help on this. Feel free to involve any other adult LDS family members. Also if you would like to receive the answers for a YW/YM/Ward/Stake activity of your own, just let me know and I will e-mail them to you. Thanks so much for your help!

1. Who is your favorite Book of Mormon hero?
2. Name a primary song that includes hand gestures.
3. What is one of the young women values?
4. How many minutes a day do you study the scriptures?
5. Who is your favorite modern day prophet?
6. What calling would scare you the most to receive?
7. What temple do you visit most often?
8. Name a reason a mother would leave a church meeting with her baby.
9. What is something teachers borrow from the library to use in their lessons?
10. What would be the most exciting place to serve a mission?
11. Name a general authority known for giving great conference talks.
12. Name someone who was present at Christ’s birth.
13. What is an item you would see at a ward potluck?
14. What percentage of the time are you on time for church?
15. Name something an LDS family might do on a Sunday afternoon.
16. What is a common assignment given for Family Home Evening?
17. Name is something/someone that is often prayed for.
18. What LDS movie have you seen the most times?
19. What can usually be found in a member’s food storage?
20. Name an uncomfortable item of clothing that church goers wear.


Rie Pie said...

answers are on my blog.

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

I too am obsessed with blogging! Chris confirms this :) Just can't get enough. I love Palmer's pics. His grins are contagious!

mj said...

hey lera...have you gotten my white ink in yet? i actually forgot about it until today when i wanted to use it on a page and realized that i ordered and paid for it but never actually got it! sad realization...

Tiffany said...

This weekend my family is going to my cousin's farewell, so I will copy these questions and have some of my fam fill it out. I would also like a copy of it when it's all compiled togethere. My mom is in YW and would love to play it with her girls. Great idea!!