Friday, July 25, 2008

Your Day

Picture taken March 18, 2007: Dad, my younger sister Sariah, and Mom

I hit a very sad mile marker today. I scrapbooked the last picture taken of my mom before she passed away. I didn't realize this until I had finished the page and was about to journal on it. I was overcome with sadness and wished I had scrapbooked it in a different way, a way that would commemorate its importance. The picture was one of a several that had been taken on my father's 53rd birthday and I had entitled the page "Your Day." I decided to journal my feelings about the day on the layout and this is what came out. Even though I had meant for the title to refer to my dad, I think it has much more meaning now as it refers to my mom.

"Dad’s 53rd birthday will always be a treasured memory of mine. Mom had just returned from one of her long hospital stays, and she was better than she had felt in quite a while. She was her old self: happy, boisterous, and as always, the life of the party. It was her one good day in months. When we called our friends just two weeks later to let them know of her passing, they were shocked. They all commented on how they had just seen her at Dad’s party. How she had seemed to be doing so well. Indeed, she was well. She was surrounded by her family and friends celebrating her beloved husband’s birthday. I am so very thankful to have one last memory of her true self, loving life and partying it up!"


Rie Pie said...

I've been having a really hard time lately. I desperately miss her. London was at the table showing pictures to Trevor and Braedon today. I was at the stove cooking and all of a sudden Trevor pointed and got really excited. "Dats Nana” he gasped and started to prod the picture with his little hands. I asked London if she just told him who that was and she said no. Trevor was just simply excited to be remembering her. This was something I needed. You posting this thought is also so nice to see. I’m really glad that you did.

Rachel Ream said...

Aww...this post touched me deeply. What a finality for you Lera. But writing is a great way to handle your emotions. I remember that day clearly. And I was very shocked when I heard of her passing because I had just seen her so ...alive. I was pregnant and when she asked me about names she said she liked the name Violet. And she spilled about your dad's 'special cape'. I will always remember your mother.