Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Nursery

To my dismay, Palmer has grown out of his bassinet and has been sleeping in his own room the past week. I miss hearing his soft snores at night, but I guess I will live. He loves his room. He likes the yellow walls and bright colors. He loves being on his changing table and laughs at the picture of a monkey on the wall above him. He also loves his mobile. We have a couple other mobiles in the house but he really loves the one above his crib. He can stare at it forever! Unfortunately, it is the only mobile in the house that does not run on a motor and we have to come back to it continuously to wind it up again. I am glad he enjoys his room so much. It's nice to know that he appreciates the place we created for him!


Adrienne said...

Cute room! I found it especially funny because Cael was wearing that exact same romper just yesterday. Go Carters! I love the monkeys.

Jenn said...

His room looks so good. I may need some help in that department. Correction, I will need help in that department!

Valerie said...

The room is incredible. Great job! I love it.