Thursday, July 10, 2008

Past, Present & Future

I stole this from a friend's blog because it looked fun. Feel free to steal it from mine if you need something to blog about.

20 years ago. I was in Ohio playing outside on our acre of land. Either on the swing set or in our tree house. I had just started kindergarten and was put in the resource class because I did not know how to write my name yet. My mom misunderstood what the class was and was bragging to everyone how gifted her daughter was. hehe. I did learn to write my name and did eventually make it into gifted classes by the end of my elementary education.

10 years ago. I was sixteen and loving life. I had my first job at a pizza place which I got fired from for giving my friends a free pizza (definitely learned my lesson and have never done anything like that again). I met my best bud Jenn and we became inseparable. I had just started dating and was going to a sweet sixteen party just about every weekend.

1 year ago. The absolute hardest time of my life. My mom had just passed away, and I missed her fiercely. My dad and his new wife were living with us until they found a house, which I did not deal with very well because the pain of my mother's death was so fresh. We had been trying for two years and were still unable to get pregnant.

So far this year. I had a beautiful baby boy! Greg got a better job. We are happy, and somewhat healthy (hopefully no more surgeries). I have wonderfully supportive friends, ward members and family.

Yesterday. Busy day. I took Palmer to get his 2 month pictures taken and was not too happy with the photographer. He called Palmer a monster several times because he wasn't looking at the camera, and he mocked Mormons... very unprofessional. I visit taught my friend Amy. I made sausage pesto casserole for dinner, and Greg and I attended our first planning meeting for our new calling as our ward's Young Single Adult Advisers.

Today. I am cleaning and taking care of the baby. He has had some tummy aches and has been a bit constipated, so I will be adding some prune juice into his regular feedings. YUM! I can't believe that I am actually trying to get my baby to poop!

Tomorrow. We are having a dinner party with a couple from Greg's work. I'm thinking I'll make chicken taco casserole, Spanish rice and a pecan pie for dessert. I will also be cleaning to get ready for our stamp club which takes place the next day.

The rest of the year. We will be working on our yard, trying to make it a bit more presentable. We will continue to cut back and try to live on our budget and I will start a day care to supplement our income. We'll be getting to know the young adults in our ward through visits, stake activities, and our own FHEs. Greg will work hard at his job and school and I will work hard at being a good mom, wife and homemaker. Good stuff.

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